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Salis - 06-2021 - 014 - Photo ©Mattia Mionetto.jpg

Ingredients enhancement is at the core of this culinary project. One of the most important choices made at Salis is to follow the seasonal availability of organic produce, adding value to each and every selected seasonal product.

It's a

eager to experiment with new ingredients and textures, new flavours and interpretations.

Salis - 05-2022 - 003 - Photo ©Mattia Mionetto.jpg
Salis - 05-2022 - 038 - Photo ©Mattia Mionetto.jpg

Every dishes vibrate with various chromaticities

perfectly evoking each season’s atmosphere.
All the elements of Chiara’s cuisine, harmonize together to give a five senses experience.

Many ideas in the reinvigorated Salis. Chiara really wants to deepen all the aspects about sustainability and seasonality.

Therefore, a new project is about to begin: a home vegetable garden. Together with her brothers, Chiara is creating a farming space exclusively dedicated to the restaurant, where they’ll grow all the vegetables and fruit, edible flowers and spontaneous herbs that you’ll find on your plates.

Salis - 10-2021 - 075 - Photo ©Mattia Mionetto.jpg
Salis - 06-2021 - 179 - Photo ©Mattia Mionetto.jpg

The same research and commitment behind every culinary creation, is also made by Chiara  as well into wine selection.

Wine is seen as more than just a pairing, but as part of immersing in a sensory and emotional experience. It brings life to the dishes, creating balance and harmony from appetizers to desserts. At Salis, you’ll find a wide selection of wines, all personally chosen and tested by Chiara.

Chiara places high importance on the local wine tradition, however the idea is to give voice to many other wine areas throughout Italy, and internationally.

This wine selection isn’t always stationary, on the contrary it’s always updated so that the guests can always discover new flavours. You’ll just have to discover our wine list, available at the restaurant, to travel through Chiara’s selection of drinks.

Salis - 08-2021 - 079 - Photo ©Mattia Mionetto.jpg

Every creation ...

Is made from careful and deep research, starting from the ingredients origin, with the effort to favour local products.

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