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Lamb sweetbreads with artichokes, raw scampo and yogurt

€ 19

Fassona from Piedmont tartare with brioche bread, bottarga, turnip tops and ricotta cheese


€ 18

Egg cooked at low temperature with carletti (wild herbs), asparagus, grilled spring onion and peanuts crumble

€ 18

Lentils cream and wild herbs

€ 17


Horse variations

€ 18

First dishes

Risotto with quail, lemon mostarda, celeriac and thyme oil 

€ 17

Tagliolini "paglia e fieno" with lamb ragout and artichokes

€ 16

Potato gnocchi with grilled octopus, lovage oil and Burrata

€ 17

Asparagus tortelli with goat cheese mousse and coffee reduction 


Second courses

Pork belly with leek, potato millefeuille and teriyaki sauce

€ 22

Cod with fennel cream, sweet-and-sour fennel and liquorice chips

€ 23


Venison loin, spinach and sweet-and-savory radish

€ 24

Partridge cooked in two styles with carrot and ginger cream

€ 24


Spring vegetable garden

€ 20


6 types of cheese tasting                                20€

Ficu (soft goat’s milk cheese)


Gregoriano (raw sheep's milk cheese, hard texture)


Tre Latti (cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and goat’s milk hard cheese)


Etivaz (raw cow’s milk hard cheese)

Toma d'Alta Quota (raw pressed cow’s milk cheese)

Blu di Bagnoli (blue goat’s milk cheese)

In conclusion

Hazelnut cake with grapefruit curd, milk and honey froth, grapefruit juice

€ 8


White chocolate mousse, banana ice cream, mou and tonka bean


€ 8


Biscuit with pistachio and raspberry cream

€ 8


Chamomile panna cotta, mauve sponge, wild berries sauce

€ 8



€ 8

Taleggio ice cream with gentian cream, whey and raspberry meringue

€ 8

Pastry with orange, coconut and mango mousse, passion fruit foam and salted caramel (MIN 2 people)


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