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Lamb sweetbreads with artichokes, raw scampo and yogurt

€ 19

Fassona from Piedmont tartare with brioche bread, salad of veal tendons, scallop and tarragon mayo


€ 18

Fried egg with onion and snow peas cream and apple vinegar gel

€ 18

Panzanella with cucumber, tomato, celeriac, anchovies, onion and kiwi gel

€ 17​​

First courses

Parsley risotto, black garlic, snails, mustard and arugula

€ 17

"Spaghetto alla chitarra" with butter, sea urchin and samphire

€ 18

Potato gnocchi with tomato, basil Burrata, eggplant and crispy guanciale

€ 17

Rabbit-filled tortelli wirth cardoncelli mushrooms, luisa grass oil and nettle cream


Second courses

Boneless rabbit leg filled with chanterelles, with potato cream

€ 22

Tuna with agretti, string beans, saffron and citrus sauce

€ 23


Venison loin, spinach and sweet-and-savory radish

€ 24

Partridge cooked in two styles with carrot and ginger cream

€ 24


Spring vegetable garden

€ 20


6 types of cheese tasting                                20€

Ficu (soft goat’s milk cheese)


Gregoriano (raw sheep's milk cheese, hard texture)


Tre Latti (cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and goat’s milk hard cheese)


Etivaz (raw cow’s milk hard cheese)

Toma d'Alta Quota (raw pressed cow’s milk cheese)

Blu di Bagnoli (blue goat’s milk cheese)

In conclusion

Carrot cake with lime and mascarpone cream, rhubarb and tonka bean caramel

€ 8


Pineapple mousse, dark chocolate ice cream, mint mou and bergamot


€ 8


Chocolate brownies with cherry cream and grappa cherries

€ 8


Chamomile panna cotta, mauve sponge, wild berries sauce

€ 8



€ 8

"Peach blossom" and infusion of edelflower

€ 8

Pastry with orange, coconut and mango mousse, passion fruit foam (MIN 2 people)


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